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Nazraeli Press Announces 4th Library Series.

Available to order, shipping this month

Nazraeli Press have just announced six new titles in their Nazraeli Library series, each book measures 380mm x 305mm (15 x 12) comes in its own custom made slip case and is limited to just 350 numbered copies signed by the photographer.

This highly collectible series of artist’s books is printed on Japanese art paper using our exclusive “Daido black” inks, all books in the NZ Library have certain aspects in common: each title is produced using the highest material and production values; each is limited to 350 numbered and signed copies; each is bound in silk cloth and individually slipcased. Each book in the series is uniform in height, with a slipcased format of 12 x 15 inches.

The NZ Library builds six titles at a time, with groupings curated to balance and play off of past, present and future titles in the series. The plan is to do at least one set a year, possibly two, but never more than that.

Only 50 copies of each title are set aside to be sold as Individual books are priced at £150

The remaining 300 copies can only be purchased as complete collections priced at £600 per volume.

The six titles are,

Mark Steinmetz - Angel City West volume 3

“I am now the same age that Garry Winogrand had been when I knew him – 56. I was just 22 then and now wonder why he had be willing to spend some time with someone so young. I must have come across as OK and probably mentioned some of the right names: Friedlander, Wessel, Zulpo-Dane. Once he called me up (the first time was startling to me as he must have looked up my name in the phone book) to see what I was up to the next day. I said, “If it’s sunny, I’m going to photograph; if it’s rainy, I’m going to print.” “Likewise,” he said. Maybe in some ways we were similar.

Signed and numbered Angel City West volume 3 £150
Signed and numbered Angel City West volume 2 from set 3 £225
Signed and numbered Angel City West volume 1 from set 2 £150

Abelardo Morell - Tent Camera

“I have always loved the 19th Century photographs of the American West by Carleton Watkins, Timothy O’Sullivan and William Henry Jackson but, when I had a commission to photograph these landscapes anew, the work of these men daunted me—so much so that, for a long time, I couldn’t imagine how I would approach making landscape images myself. But like many immigrants, I felt moved to explore the vastness of my adopted country.” — Abelardo Morell
Working with his assistant, C.J. Heyliger, Cuban-born artist Abelardo Morell has famously designed a light proof tent that, via periscope type optics, makes it possible to project a view of the nearby landscape onto whatever ground is under the tent. Inside this darkened space he uses a view camera to record the effect. This Tent-Camera now liberates Morell to use camera obscura techniques in a world of new places."

Signed and Numbered Edition £150

Catherine Opie - Yosemite

Catherine Opie’s portrait of Yosemite National Park is meditative and personal, focusing on individual elements – a waterfall, a tree or the expansive sky above – rather than on the majestic impression of the place for which it is known. Indeed, when she does step back and present a wider view of the vista she is facing, she pulls it out of focus, allowing for a moment of reflection before moving on to the next photograph.
While the artist first became well in the art world for her closeup, often confrontational photographs of human subjects, Opie allows the human presence to “empty out” in her landscape photographs. As she explains in a 2001 interview with Art Journal, “The emptiness is about loss. It’s about nostalgia . . . trying to capture, document people and places before they disappear.” In the context of nature, the emptiness conveys a longing for a time when these landscapes were untouched by mankind.

Signed and Numbered Edition £150

Katy Grannan - Hundreds of Sparrows volume 2

Hundreds of Sparrows is a two-volume set of books by contemporary artist and filmmaker Katy Grannan. Volume One (NZL Set 3), and Volume Two (NZL Set 4,) both function as stand-alone books; together, they tell a deeper story, playing off of each other and delving deeper into the lives and surroundings of their subjects.

The photographs in Hundreds of Sparrows were made in the Central Valley, in particular, the sprawling cities of Modesto, Fresno, and Bakersfield that sit within this vast agricultural region in the geographical center of California. This location also served as the setting for Grannan’s debut feature film, "The Nine", which premiered to wide critical acclaim in 2016. Throughout the works, the artist explores the significance and complexity of the seemingly ordinary, the mundane and the overlooked—anonymous strangers, familiar gestures and interactions—the soundscape and theatre of nowhere

Signed and numbered Hundreds of Sparrows volume 2 from set 4 £150
Signed and numbered Hundreds of Sparrows volume 1 from set 3 £150


Steve Banks - Nitro: Drag Racing in the 60s

In 1964, a young Steve Banks bought one of the most coveted ‘Muscle Cars’ on the market—a Pontiac GTO with a four-speed stick and a Hurst shifter, Tri-Power, and three Rochester 2G carburetors. He then drove Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles to begin his new advertising agency job.

Gassing up one day at Nobo’s Shell station at Beverly and Larchmont, Banks learned that Nobo had previously been head mechanic at the Courtesy Chevrolet dealership, and that his station had become a center for building and tuning street racers. On and off over the next few months, Banks would leave his car at the garage while Nobo fine-tuned the carburetors, replaced the stock tires, torsion, and sway bars, and added Koni shocks and a Sun tachometer. Next, he taught Banks how to ‘speed shift’—while making late night runs up and down Larchmont Boulevard.

Signed and Numbered Edition £150



Jack Teemer - Rust Belt

“Jack D. Teemer’s photographs taken in American Rust Belt cities during the 1980s examine the ways in which neighborhoods and urban infrastructure have been shaped by the industry that surrounds them. His pictures quietly celebrate the ways in which humans strive to live together in the shadow of manufacturing—even in its decline.
Cinematic vistas, presenting a wide view of a city’s urban structure, set the stage for pictures that focus more narrowly on neighborhoods and individual yards. Bridges and freeways loom over homes and restaurants; fences surround each home; signs, automobiles and gardens crowd each yard; children jump from porches and play with hoses. Although many of these yards have seen better days, the diverse residents of communities who call them home cultivate and enliven their small plots of land. Teemer records these distinctive American Rust Belt stories, from the cities on the verge of economic and civic recovery to the families who live boisterously in close quarters, with great care for the human experience.” — From the Introduction by Lisa Sutcliffe, Herzfeld Curator of Photography and Media Arts, Milwaukee Art Museum`

This has been signed by the late Jack Teemer's wife Joan

Signed and Numbered Edition £150


2019 Mack First Book Winner

Oobanken by Jerome Ming

Combining fragments of personal history, of memory and imagination, Oobanken builds photographic narratives through constructions and performances. The spaces created are different in character from their wider surroundings, as if confined in an enclave or compound, revealing an attentiveness to what lies beyond the threshold of this self-imposed isolation. Made while living in Yangon, Myanmar, this series derives from Jerome Ming’s early interest in built structures and interventions. While Oobanken may direct us to inquire about the function of objects and the actions presented, Ming’s photographs also mirror the context in which they are made: that is, during a time of transition, in a place once isolated, a place once suspended in time.

Signed Copies £27

Daido Moriyama - Akai Katsu volumes 1 & 2

Limited to just 800 copies we have signed copies of both volumes of these new books from Daido Moriyama. "I went to Yokohama occasionally because of fancy last summer. When I was young, I used to shoot a lot, but after a long time in Yokohama, I used to miss it. 
"I got an offer asking if I would like to make a book like on Yokohama, I'm glad I could make two books"

Signed Akai Katsu volume 1 £37
Signed Akai Katsu volume 2 £37

Michael Kenna  - Rafu - Signed and Numbered Edition

We have obtained a couple of copies of the already ouit of print special edition, signed and numbered edition of this book.

For over thirty years, Michael Kenna has photographed temples, shrines, gardens, seascapes and landscapes, in black and white, throughout Japan. Ten years ago, he also began to photograph female nudes in various locations in Japan. A selection of these photographs was unveiled to the public for the first time at Paris Photo in November 2018.

Regular First Edition £60
Signed and Numbered Edition £150

Cohen - Bread in Snow

This book shows a range of color images at the edges of a whole work. Pictures that emerge from the basic half unconscious framing learned on the street. In the case of the picture of the woman’s clasped hands- it was this fragment -suddenly in the frame- at the bus stop, not composed, but quickly centered, that was the start of the picture. One hand is bare and one is gloved and the fact of the color film in the camera is almost incidental. After developing the film the glove she is wearing is distinctly red-but at the time of the exposure-putting the camera lens so close to the clasped hands - was a much more intense experience-then the trespass into her personal space.
Color added additional voice to pictures.I felt they gained energy, and accidental social, meaning as I walked through the city attracted by almost anything. Any eye contact was a factor. A wire, or a step. There is still no plan or theory about this work. It just developed and expanded for fifty years.
Available in two different cover which ship at random.


Regular Copies £75


Keiko Nomura - Otari Pretine Peaks

This beauutiful books records life in this mountain region of Japan, where villages hunt for food throughout the harsh winters.

A world of white silver that extends to the bottom of the eye. A sound of a gunshot to the snowy mountains tore the silence. At that moment, my soul was shaking with the spirit of the mountain and I felt like it was flying in the sky.
Shinshu, Odani village. In the foot of a mountain range in the Northern Alps, small settlements are dotted, leaving their activities still quiet. Villagers live daily in the harsh and abundant nature of the mountains and the flow of seasons. Nearly four years have passed since I first visited this place of heavy snow, where the snowfall is nearly three meters in the middle of winter. At first, I visited here for coverage of traditional fire festivals and hunting, but my encounter with the nature of the mountain and the people who live in it firmly depends on the city, and my imagination has lived much It was over.

Regular Copies £45


Stephen Gill - Pillar

I collected these signed copies of Gills latest book direct from the photographer himself, it was great to catch up with this photographic artist I have know for nearly fifteen years.

A pillar knocked into the ground next to a stream in a flat, open landscape, trees and houses visible in the distance, beneath a vast sky. That is the backdrop to all of Stephen Gill´s photographs in this book. We see the same landscape in spring and summer, in autumn and winter, we see it in sunshine and rain, in snow and wind. Yet there is not the slightest monotony about these pictures, for in almost every one there is a bird, and each of these birds opens up a unique moment in time. We see something that has never happened before and will never happen again. That it takes place in the midst of a landscape characterised by repetition, in which time is cyclical, sets up a keen existential dynamic: on the one hand, everything has happened before, there’s nothing new under the sun; on the other, every moment is unique and carries the hallmark of the miracle: what happens happens only once and never again.

Signed copies £45



Firecracker: Female Photographers Now

The photographic industry - its exhibitions, galleries, publications and auctions - employs thousands of women, but champions mostly men. To begin to redress the balance, here is a timely presentation of the work of over 30 female photographers working today. This book is predominantly a celebration of some of the most inquisitive, intelligent and daring photography being created now. The stories the photographers tell are the most pressing social, political and personal issues seen through the female lens.

Firecracker, established in 2011 by Fiona Rogers, is a platform dedicated to supporting female photographers worldwide by showcasing their work. Building upon Firecracker's foundations, this book brings together photography that encompasses an ecletic variety of styles, techniques and locations, from Alma Haser's futuristic series of portraits that use origami to create 3D sculptures within the frame, to Laura El-Tantawy's filmic and intensely personal series on political protest in Cairo. There is a recurring theme throughout the book that serves to unite these extraordinary women and their work: the exploration of marginalized individuals and under-discussed subjects, seen by fresh eyes.

Regular copies £30


Mark Ruwedel - Ovarzazote SIGNED £50


Just arrived from Mack Books

Mark Ruwendel Ovarzazote - Signed copie. Ouarzazate is a small city in the Moroccan desert famous for its movie studios and filming locations, an industry which began with David Lean and Lawrence of Arabia. Far from the American deserts where he has produced much of his work of the past thirty years, in Morocco Ruwedel continues his long term interest in contemporary ruins and the histories of both landscape and landscape photography.

Takashi Homma - Trials. In this dark and beautiful book, Takashi Homma traces the blood trails of deer killed in Shiretoko National Park on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Like ritualistic stains or calligraphic compositions, the photographs, which Homma made in the winters of 2009 to 2018, are at once abstract and symbolic.

Adam Pope - Dyckman Haze. Adam Pape’s photographs utilize the city parks in Washington Heights and Inwood as the backdrop for a narrative that unfolds in between day and night.

Maja Daniels - Elf Dalia, weaves together a narrative born out of the Swedish valley of Älvdalen. Daniels combines photographs taken from 2011 to 2017 with curious pictures from an archive amassed by a man named Tenn Lars Persson (1878 –1938), a local inventor, mechanic and photographer.

Alex Majoli - Scene. For eight years and across several continents, Alex Majoli has been photographing events and non-events. Political demonstrations, humanitarian emergencies, and quiet moments of everyday life. What holds all these images together is a sense of theatre.

Larry Sultan - Pictures from Home. First published in 1992 to wide critical acclaim, Pictures From Home is Larry Sultan’s pendant to his parents. Sultan returned home to Southern California periodically in the 1980s and the decade-long sequence moves between registers, combining contemporary photographs with film stills from home movies, fragments of conversation, Sultan’s own writings and other memorabilia. "This new edition is an even more intense, more immersive experience." – Stephen Shore

Takashi Homma - Trials - £30

Adam Pope - Dyckman Haze £27

Maja Daniels - Elf Dalia £30

Alex Majoli - Scene £30

Larry Sultan - Pictures from Home £40


Harry Gruyaert- Edges and Roger Ballen - Ballensque

Edges - This beautifully produced photographic manifesto reveals the profoundly poetic character of Harry Gruyaert’s work, and the sensual elegance of his faultless compositions. The ‘edges’ that Harry Gruyaert explores in this incredibly lush, full-colour book, are the oceans, seas and rivers where humans meet the edge and the water begins. This unusual volume, which opens from the top up, takes the reader to Israel’s Dead Sea, the Mali River in Niger, the North Sea of Iceland, South Korea and Biarritz, as Gruyaert’s sensitive photos record the subtle chromatic vibrations of the edges of the Orient and the Occident. Gruyaert opposes the hustle of the city with a pared-down, yet intense, nature. His landscapes are never empty; they are inhabited places where light, colour, objects, people and situations weave a serene, sublime tableau.

Ballensque - Separated into four parts, Ballenesque takes readers on a visual, chronological journey through Roger Ballen’s entire oeuvre, including both iconic images and previously unpublished photographs. Part I explores his formative artistic influences and his later rediscovery of boyhood through photography, culminating in his first published monograph, Boyhood, in 1979. Part II then charts the period between 1980 and 2000, during which time his deeper search for the elemental self found its way into the ‘Dorps’, or small towns, of South Africa and concluding with the release of his seminal monograph Outland. Part III covers the years 2000–2013, when Ballen achieved global recogition with Shadow Chamber and Boarding House and his work began to veer away from portraiture altogether. Finally, in Part IV, Ballen reflects upon his career in its entirety.

With over 300 photographs and an introduction by eminent academic Robert J. C. Young, this book provides both an entirely new way of seeing Ballen’s work for those who already follow his career and a comprehensive introduction for those encountering his photographs for the first time. Published late 2017 this is an excellent retropective of Ballen's work. Intrestingly there are a few of the 100 limited edition copies still availble that come with a signed and numbered print.

Edges - regular copies £40

Ballensque - regular copies £60

Ballensque - Limited Edition with Print £325



Daido Moriyama - Record

Published by Thames and Hudson, and with an introduction but Mark Holborn, Record is drawn from the first thirty issues of Daido Moriyama’s personal publication, dating back to its origins in the seventies. The magazine provided a diaristic platform for this extraordinary photographer. Beside the pictures taken on his familiar ground in Tokyo and Osaka, Moriyama photographed the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Florence, Paris and London as he would have recorded the lanes and alleys of his hometowns. Once regarded as the leading Japanese photographer of his generation, Moriyama has come to transcend such a description. He is an artist in constant motion and his subject matter is both stark and universal.

We also have signed copies of Moriyama's Record Magazine direct from his Japanese publisher. If anyone want back copies of these record magazine please email.


Record the Book £50

Signed Record Magazine #38 £27

Signed Record Magazine #39 £27

Signed Record Magazine #40 £27


David Bailey - Sumo

I got to view this book at Photo London and it is awesome, the print quality is exceptional as you would expect from a title with such a high price tag.

This big book of Bailey is the culmination of an incredible career, the result of two years’ worth of research into his personal archives. Through penetrating pictures of the beautiful and the notorious, the idolized and the powerful, friends and family, writers, artists, and fellow photographers, Bailey presents a sweeping cultural history of the last 60 years. Featured subjects include Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Kate Moss, Nelson Mandela, Francis Bacon, Zaha Hadid, the Rolling Stones, Jack Nicholson, Brigitte Bardot, Margaret Thatcher, and hundreds more.

There are Four Art Edition's but they are already virtually sold out and come with a signed print with one of each of the four covers priced between £9,000 and £12,000 email to check availability if interested.

Price £2300

A small sample of other books in stock

Use Book Search To Find a Specific Book or Artist

Authors Surnames... A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z One Picture Books ...

Alec Soth - I know how furiously your heart is beating

We have a few signed copies in stock
Taking its name from a line in the Wallace Stevens’ poem “The Gray Room,” Alec Soth’s latest book is a lyrical exploration of the limitations of photographic representation. While these large-format colour photographs are made all over the world, they aren’t about any particular place or population. By a process of intimate and often extended engagement, Soth’s portraits and images of his subject’s surroundings involve an enquiry into the extent to which a photographic likeness can depict more than the outer surface of an individual, and perhaps even plumb the depths of something unknowable about both the sitter and the photographer.

Published to coincide with four solo exhibitions, New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Berlin.

Regular copies
Signed Copies

Set of 3 different special editions Mississippi, Niagara and Furiously beating heart each Signed with a print


Julia Borrissova's       Handmade Excellence

I came across the work of this Russian photographer via some online photobook sites, and am pleased that I did. I have copies of five of her latest books in stock. All the books are handmade and assembled by the artist and are produced in as a signed limited edition and broach a range of subject matter, her imagery is predominately photocollage.

Each is presented using different techniques from the relatively simple loose leaf’s and folder of "Lullaby for a Bride", to the complex use of paper folds and open out panels of "Let me Fall again". "Men Floating in the air" has an elaborate accordion style binding, and "Red Giselle" binds images of different sizes. Her other book "Nautilus" with its loosely inserted gatefold pages and hand cut portholes giving an insight to what is to come and what has been.

Anyone planning to make their own books should examine Borissova's books to explore different and varied techniques for presentation.

Lullaby Brides £30
Men floating in the air £40
Red Giselle £42
Nautilus £75
Let me Fall Again £130


Todd Hido - Bright Black Day Signed 1st Editions

I have managed to track down a couple of Signed copies of this highly sought-after book which are still in the publishes packing.

This beautiful book was out of print before it was published the price reflects its scarcity and demand.

Bright Black World comprises 48 plates printed in an oversized format, and featuring two vertical gatefolds and a fold-out poster measuring some 25 x 40 inches. This first printing is limited to 3,000 clothbound copies.


Signed Copies of
Hannah Starkey, Photographs 1997 - 2007

Since the mid-1990s, the Northern Irish photographer Hannah Starkey has dedicated her work to women and the ways in which photography has shaped ideas about what it means to be female. Known for her cinematic mise-en-scenes, Starkey constructs portraits of women of different generations, often situated in everyday urban contexts. Proffering the view of the flâneuse – a female counterpoint to the artistic tradition of the male flâneur – Starkey’s images reveal moments of private reflection, alienation, or social interaction that might
Like modern-day genre paintings, Starkey’s images are driven by familiar narratives, but ones that play on the visual languages of diverse photographic genres – including diaristic, street, documentary, cinematic, fine art, and fashion – to subtly probe the ways that women are represented in popular culture.



Richard Rothman - Redwood Saw

In the summer of 2004, Richard Rothman traveled west with a 4x5 camera to explore the remaining fragments of ancient old-growth forests in Northern California. He pitched a tent amid the mammoth stands of redwoods and began making formal, intricate portraits of the forest, which he describes as 'the most visually stimulating environment I had ever been in.' Unexpectedly, he also began developing an interest in the neighboring town of Crescent City, an economically depressed logging and fishing community. Rothman was affected by the town s architecture, its emotional tenor, its political and religious culture, and the sometimes unconscious relationship that the townspeople had with the corralled forest to the east and the Pacific Ocean, which represents the end of the Western frontier. The contrast between the radical, spectacularly ornate environment of the forest and the trashed, disposable landscape of the town that abutted it became the subject of a more complex project which would take some surprising twists and turns. 

Jan Banning: Red Utopia

The gritty experiences of real socialism, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the triumph of neoliberalism seemed to deliver the final blow to the communist ideology. Many communist parties were disbanded after 1989 or slowly bled dry. While the gap between rich and poor widened in many countries from the 80s on, the Free Market seemed to have become the only remaining ideology.


Jay Maisel: New York in the 50s

“I have been shooting New York for over 60 years now. And though I have achieved age, I can safely say I have never made my way to maturity so I have never been jaded or bored. I think all this is due to the grittiness and hectic quality of the city, you never capture it, it captures you.” After studying painting and graphic design at Cooper Union and Yale, Jay Maisel began his career in photography in 1954. Recently, Maisel has gone back to his archive of early work, and put together a collection of black-and-white images he made as a young man in the 1950s, evidence of a lifetime’s pursuit of a craft and a special talent, one of the best-kept secrets in photographic history. “New York in the ‘50s” is a beautifully-produced monograph that will be equally appreciated by Jay Maisel’s followers, and anyone who has stepped inside his muse, New York City.




Henri Cartier Bresson: The Decisivie Moment

Arguably one of the most important photobooks of the twentieth century.

The Decisive Moment, originally called Images a la Sauvette is one of the most famous books in the history of photography, assembling Cartier-Bresson's best work from his early years. Published in 1952 by Simon and Schuster, New York, in collaboration with Editions Verve, Paris, it was lavishly embellished with a collage cover by Henri Matisse.

The book and its images have since influenced generations of photographers. Its English title has defined the notion of the famous formal peak in which all elements in the photographic frame accumulate to form the perfect image. Paired with the artist's humanist viewpoint, Cartier-Bresson?s photography has become part of the world's collective memory.

This new publication is a meticulous facsimile of the original book. It comes with an additional booklet containing an essay on the history of The Decisive Moment by Centre Pompidou curator Cl‚ment Ch‚roux.



One Picture Books Series One.

My back stock of books from this first series which were limited to 500 numbered copies signed by the photographer and containing a small print have recently been very popular with customers. The books spanned over ten years, by many different photographers a lot of titles are now Out Of Print.

Order books now to fill the gaps in your collection of find that rare book by your favourite photographer, Search OPB in the search box above to see all available titles.

Prices range from £40 - £350


Alec Soth - Niagara

Following on from the success of last years reprint of Soth's Sleeping by the Missippippi Mack have reprinted Soth's Niagara. Faithful to the original Steidl printing complete with Faux leather cover with its tipped in image.
For those who missed the 2006 edition of this book, it is a must for any contemporary library of photobooks.

Soth’s pictures of Niagara are less about natural wonder than human desire. “I went to Niagara for the same reason as the honeymooners and suicide jumpers,” says Soth, “the relentless thunder of the Falls just calls for big passion.” Working over the course of two years on both the American and Canadian sides of the Falls using a large-format 8x10 camera, the photographs are rigorously composed and richly detailed. Soth depicts newlyweds and naked lovers, motel parking lots and pawn shop wedding rings. Throughout the book, Soth has interspersed a number of love letters from the subjects he photographed. We read about teenage crushes, workplace affairs, heartbreak and suicide. Oscar Wilde wrote of the Falls, “The sight of the stupendous waterfall must be one of the earliest, if not the keenest, disappointments in American married life.” In Soth’s Niagara, we see both the passion and the disappointment. His pictures are a remarkable portrayal of modern love and it’s aftermath.

This is also available as a Limited edition of 100 copies, each containing, a signed copy of the first printing of the MACK edition of the book housed in an embossed slipcase with a signed and numbered print (30x24cm) and ships at the end of September.

Gerry Johansson - American Winter

Since the early eighties, Gerry Johansson has made quiet pictures of quiet places, often lying in the shadows of industrial decline. For American Winter, Johansson travelled through semi-deserted towns in Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, finding as much beauty as there was misery in landscapes cloaked in snow: an isolated church floating in a mottled sea of white; leafless trees lining endless highways leading to nothing; long shadows cast on vernacular architecture in the season’s merciless sun. In his photographs time appears to stand still: neighbourhoods that once possessed the allure of Art Deco architecture, or the glory of bustling Main Streets, are now home to abandoned school buildings and cars parked decades ago. Johansson’s ascetic framing and sensitivity to light lends itself to the scenery and the sense of hopelessness evoked by these neglected places.

There is a special edition available with a choice of American Winter, the special edition contains a signed copy of the book with a signed silver gelatin print from a choice of five different images.
The prints are 13.5cm x 14cm and are an open edition.

Signed regular copies £40, special editionsavailable to order are £160


Vanessa Winship - And Times Folds & She Dances On Jackson

We have signed copies of Vanessa Winships new book And Time Folds, which accompanies her retrospective exhibition at London's Barbican Art Gallery.

This volume comprises photographs from seven series, including projects made during a decade living in the region of the Balkans, Turkey and the Caucasus; as well as work made in Georgia, America and the U.K.  Winship has long been concerned with the elusive nature of transience in our landscape and society, and her oeuvre moves sure-footedly between genres – reportage, documentary, portraiture and landscape. Alongside her luminous photographs, And Time Folds brings together personal archival material that reveals Winship's thought process, working methods, and the importance of the written word, as well as an extensive essay by the renowned photography historian David Chandler, proffering a multi-faceted view of her work and artistic trajectory.

To coincide with this major London exhibition Mack have reprinted Winships earlier (2013) book She Dances On Jackson, in 2011 Vanessa Winship was the recipient of the Henri Cartier Bresson Award which funds an artist to pursue a new photographic project. For over a year Winship travelled across the United States, from California to Virginia, New Mexico to Montana, in pursuit of the fabled ‘American dream’. she dances on Jackson presents a conversation, a lyrical and lilting interaction between landscape and portrait exploring the vastness of the United States and attempting to understand the link between a territory and its inhabitants. For Winship this relationship is inextricable; places accrue particular meanings according to the people she meets, what she sees, and by what's happening to her personally



Rosalind Fox Soloman - Liberty Theater

Journeying from Alabama to Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina, Fox Solomon continued to build a body of photographs which, as Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa writes in his essay, ‘moves with effervescent grace from rebel musket to trophy wife, from linoleum square to yard sale, from clown to church to carnival, tracing a circuitous route through seven Stand Your Ground states’. Following her itinerant movement, at times the pictures in Liberty Theater allude to positive changes in race relations that have occurred since the Civil Rights Act



Phoebe Kiely -They were my Landscape

They were my landscape by Phoebe Kiely builds a fragmented picture of a place that is at once personal and anonymous. Based in Manchester, Kiely compulsively catalogues her urban and suburban surroundings, drawing attention to prosaic spectacles and passers-by. In her book, the cracked concrete of vernacular architecture, or the flattened feathers of a pigeon lying on a road are granted the same scrutiny as a young man smoking at a bus stop, or a walking mother carrying her young child. Echoing the fragility of everyday life, Kiely’s elusive sequence of black-and-white photographs vacillates between portraits, objects and street scenes. Within this mutable body of ongoing work, she attempts to find a sense of self.



Susan Lipper - Domesticated Land

Domesticated Land Susan Lipper navigates an apocalyptic world poised between inertia and the end of mankind, somewhere in the California desert. Uncannily tranquil, the landscape offers a trans-historical litany of monuments, icons and signs from which the author and protagonist constructs a narrative interspersed with the words of historic and contemporary women. Putting female subjectivity into relief, Lipper obfuscates the romantic notion of the desert as a land of freedom and self-enlightenment. A lone snake, a dilapidated home, the remains of a cinematic stage set, the head of a fallen woman, a military base, barbed wire: such facts create fiction, and one that serves as an unnerving political admonition concerning the current state of America.



Guillaume Simoneau - Expermental Lake

This compendium of images is inspired by the dual principle of common good and necessary evil. Canadian photographer Guillaume Simoneau explores a place far removed from our everyday vanities: the Experimental Lakes Area in the sparsely populated region of northwestern Ontario. But rather than a book about the 58 pristine lakes that comprise this world-renowned natural laboratory, Simoneau’s allusive photographs use the freshwater site as a means to look outwards, to consider a world beyond our own reflections. Unhinged from the moorings of narrative readings, the sequence of images floats between botanic life – aquatic and terrestrial – and hand-made apparatus used by an influential community of international scientists based in the area. The findings of their research into human impacts on entire ecosystems have significantly influenced the decisions of governments and industries. By testing, for example, the effects in the lakes of new chemical substances, they have been able to inform global environmental policies. Simoneau’s elliptical documentation of their work is punctuated by sublime vistas of calm waters and pine trees, and of remarkable natural phenomena. United by an enigmatic orbital motif, the photographs in Experimental Lake lead us on an illuminating journey



Morgan Ashcom - What the Living Carry

What the Living Carry unveils a small town named Hoy’s Fork, situated in the American South. Drawing on memories of the rural setting in which he grew up, Virginian photographer Morgan Ashcom brings together photographs, type-written letters and a hand-drawn map to build a fictional narrative of a foreboding place.

Leading us on a trail through the town and its surrounding forest, Ashcom presents scenes that point to a mysterious history, and people whose familial connections remain unknown: a forlorn old man, with champagne to hand, reclines on the corroding steps of a once grand home; a bloodied mattress is carried through an overgrown field; a solitary child burrows into a meadow, while on the streets, a man dutifully cleans a white picket fence – a vision that belies a local mural of a distant, ancient land.

Interspersing this fragmented narrative is a set of texts – four letters responding to ‘Morgan’s’ request for DNA analysis – written by ‘Eugene’ of the ‘Center for Epigenetics and Wellness of the Spirit’. If What the Living Carry provides a set of clues to unravel the enigma behind this strange world, it is through a visual record that is simultaneously autobiographical and imagined, and inclined to elude.


War Primer Two - Signed Copies - Broomberg & Chanarin

Mack have published a facsimile paperback of the 2011 limited edition hardback that earned Broomberg and Chanarin the Deutsche Borse Award in 2013.

War Primer 2 appropriates the first English language printing of Bertolt Brecht's Kriegsfibel (War Primer) which itself was a collection of appropriated press images from the two world wars combined with four-line poems, Brecht’s book was a visual and lyrical attack on war and its propagandists under modern capitalism.

Broomberg and Chanarin have shifted the critics to a contemporary narrative by strategically overlaying the original images with images of the so called "War on Terror" that they themselves have appropriated from the internet.

Copies Signed by Broomberg & Chanarin £30.00

A Shimmer of Possibility now available - Signed

10 Years ago steidl published a shimmer of possibility by Paul Graham, regarded as one of the defining photography books of the 21st century. Awarded the Paris Photo-Aperture Prize for the most significant photobook published in the past 15 years, the original 12 volume set sold out in 10 weeks, and has been out of print since. To celebrate this tenth anniversary the Book is being republished by Mack books in a limited quanity available around mid November.
Shimmer comprises 12 individual books, each volume a photographic short story of everyday life in today's America. Modest sequences of images, such as a man smoking a cigarette while waiting for a bus in Las Vegas, or a woman collecting her mail from a mailbox in leafy New England, reflect the poetic ebb and flow of life.
Whilst the 12 books are all an identical size, they vary in length from just a single photograph to 60 pages of images made at one street intersection. The radical form of this multi volume publication embraces the unique nature of Graham's work, giving the flow of life precedence over conclusiveness, where nothing much happens, but nothing is foreclosed either, where everything shimmers with possibility. This new edition is bound in one colour as opposed to the original where each book was bound in a different colour. This limited edition reprint contains ! volume that has been signed.

I asked Paul Graham, at the end of his Talk at PhotoLondon this year, if after he died he was to be remembered for only one body of work, what would he like that work to be, he replied A Shimmer of Possibilities.

If you are a fan of Paul Graham, or a collector who missed this first time around I strongly advise ordering early as I expect sales to go the same way as the original publication.

2018 reprint with 1 volume singed by Paul Graham £300

We have 1 original unopened copy of the original publication available with 1 volumed signed by Paul Graham £1750

Jungjin Lee - Opening
The Second Nazraeli book from this acclaimed Korian Photographer, the photographs of desert and mountain lanscapes inspire a sense of the deep and quiet interaction between the beholder and the landscape, and the physical presence of earth, stone, tree and sky. This book is printed onto both sides of the according folded book, and if you choose to fully unfurl it it is about 1foot wide. Copies of her first book Everglades sold out quickly

Ed and Deanna Templeton - Contemporary Suburbium
Making full use of the book’s accordion-bound format, husband and wife Ed and Deanna Templeton present their own photographs and words in turn, printed back-to-back on the same sheets of paper, folded together between blue cloth covers in a die cut plastic slipcase.
Contemporary Suburbium is a photographic meditation on living in the suburbs of Orange County, California — specifically, Huntington Beach, a seaside town on the outer extremities of the population surrounding Los Angeles. Once dotted with orange trees, oil drilling and summer cottages for the rich, Huntington Beach is now a popular beach destination for vacationers, and the old cottages are being replaced with tall modern three-story houses. The photographs in this book are a look at the people of this traditionally conservative stronghold, the disaffected youth, the fortunate (and less fortunate), as they venture out from behind fences, walls, and endless blocks of tract housing.
"We were born into this situation, and made the best of what we were dealt, thriving on the sidewalks and front yards and hidden from the influence of the city until the city poured over the castle walls out into the surrounding suburbium that grew like barnacles along the edges... (Ed Templeton)
"We found ourselves in a tract of homes that felt familiar and safe. We wandered among the quiet dark tract housing, devoid of people, finally lying down together on a rectangle of grass wedged between the sidewalk and the street. We stared up at the stars talking until the sun came up." (Deanna Templeton)


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