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Item Code 2715

Title Don't miss this

Author O'Neill, Martin

Signed By The Photographer

ISBN: 9780000000002

Condition: New

Format: Hardcover



A self published book of humorous and interesting black and white images captured in the 80's mainly in and around the Eccles area of Greater Manchester. Taken on a Olympus XA camera which he kept with him all the time.

"These shots were O'Neill's way of escaping from the formality and constraint required in his press photography, where pose and fact were more important than moment and feel. He recalls a time he tried to inject a little levity into his newspaper photography receiving the reply ?Save the arty stuff for your day off!?.
So he did, and shot with his little Olympus as he went about his everyday life; around his home in Eccles, at rather less-than-glamorous locations such as Morrison supermarket, on the bus in the pubs and clubs around town.
This fascination with life many of us recognize with intrigued interest today reveals much about British society and leisure of the time. O'Neill also captured life on his travels around the world, from the heavily-guarded Christmas tree in Carrick Fergus to the oddly-jumping chap on the quayside in Kowloon .
By carefully juxtaposing the imagery in this book he continues a dialogue that displays the reoccurrence of daily themes and quirks of life we all notice but often forget to record." - Laura Noble, from the foreword

About the Photographer

Martin O'Neill grew up in Eccles, Manchester , and has been a professional photographer since 1978. He spent four years as a press photographer on local weekly newspapers before turning freelance, spending the next 18 years working for the Manchester Evening News. He now works with a wide range of other clients in the PR, corporate and magazine worlds.

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