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Item Code 3456

Title OPB#97 Trocas Angelinas, con sus Mercancia

Author Carrillo, Javier


ISBN: 9781590054710

Condition: New

Format: 0



Signed and numbered, limited edition of 500 ?I was born in 1986, in Michoac�n, Mexico and came to Los Angeles at the age of seven. I have lived in Los Angeles since then, and ? to say the least ? I have seen a lot. My life, society, and culture have given me much to think about, but I am able to express only a small amount of it with words. I prefer to express myself through my artwork.? ? Javier Carrillo For such a small book, ?Las Trocas Angelinas, con sus Mercanc�a? (The Angelinos Trucks with their Merchandise) speaks volumes. Javier Carrillo created a suite of 6 ?suicide prints? ? a type of linoleum print considered to be the single most difficult form of multicolor printing ? each featuring what is a common sight across this country and many others: a small, well-worn pickup truck filled to the breaking point with tools or merchandise. In Carrillo's prints, the pickup trucks with their humble yet priceless cargo ? used wooden pallets, freshly-picked oranges, lawn mowing equipment ? become almost heroic in their stoicism, and one can?t help but draw a comparison between them and the burros that they have replaced. The original, signed photograph included with each copy of the book is one of the snapshots Carrillo made as a ?sketch? for his finished studio prints. ISBN: 978-1-59005-471-0
Hardcover, 185 x 140mm,
16 pages, 6 four-colour plates,
1 signed original photograph by Javier Carrillo

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