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Regarding Manhattan

Rosenthal, John

Code 2258
ISBN: 9780966579819
Publisher: 0


Regarding Manhattan

Published by Sunape



Dozens of compositions comprise this exquisite collection of black and white photographs that evoke a Manhattan that many may never see?or notice: Times Square during the blizzard of 1996; pigeons in flight at 9th Street and Avenue A; an unmoored boat in a wintry Central Park; jump seats in a Checker Cab. John Rosenthal doesn't ignore the people (or the dogs) of Manhattan, however, and also captures the diversity that is New York?Hare Krishnas singing as an unimpressed (annoyed?) man in a checked jacket walks by them; a man in beret and raincoat and an albino boxer looking at some off-camera sight at Tompkins Square; a shopkeeper and his dog on East 9th.

Photographers often set out to celebrate Manhattan, but end up exploiting it instead. John Rosenthal never falls into that trap. His patient images, by turns stark, poignant, and mysterious, are always respectful, never patronizing. He loves Manhattan too much for that. Sy Safransky

ISBN 096657981X