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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Scianna, Ferdinando

Code 2261
ISBN: 9780714837192
Publisher: Phaidon Press


To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Published by Phaidon, 1997


Since he began taking photographs in the 1960s, journalist and Magnum photographer Ferdinando Scianna has been fascinated by the sight of sleepers. Over four decades Scianna has captured thousands of images of people and animals sleeping?in the countryside, in cities, in deserts, on street corners, in moving trains, and in their own homes. Many of the subjects are living in obvious poverty; others are more ambiguous. Taken in Italy, Egypt, India, Bolivia, Paris, Colombia, Seville, Mali, Tahiti, Russia, and the United States, these large photographs, reproduced here in warm grays on cream stock, captures the stillness and suspension that is the essence of sleep, while meditating on its more profound aspects. The images are interspersed with excerpts from literature on sleep and dreaming.

ISBN 0-7148-3719-9