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The Apollo Phrophecies

Kahn & Selesnick

Code 2294
ISBN: 882436730
Publisher: Aperture


The Appollo Phrophecies

Kahn and Selesnick

Published by Aperture

The Apollo Prophecies depicts, in one extrava�gantly long duotone panorama, an imagined expedition of 1960s American astronauts. Landing on the moon, they discover a lost mission of Edwardian-era astronauts who greet them as long-awaited gods. By present�ing wildly inventive staged photographs as evidence of events that never happened, the Apollo Prophecies playfully questions the con�cept of historical truth. Part Jules Verne, part Stanley Kubrick, the panoramic moonscape literally unfolds in multiple episodes that intermingle artifacts from the fearless era of early-20th-century exploration with space age gadgetry.

As in their previous books�Scotlandfuturebog (2000) and City of Salt (2005), both published by Aperture�Kahn and Selesnick have con�jured up a completely self-contained world with its own history and mythology. Using digital photography, the artists combine real-life locations, miniature models, and full-scale props of their own devising to produce a dra�matic narrative played out by space-suit-clad astronauts (and similarly clad monkeys and elephants). The same characters, most portrayed by the artists themselves, recur numerous times within the panorama. This use of narrative sequencing, often seen in early Renaissance frescoes, combines with the prophetic Blakeian tone to reinforce the conceit of astronauts as ancient gods, descending from the heavens. This is an Apollo lunar mission both dreamlike yet oddly familiar�and utterly convincing.

Included in this ingenious package is a 16-page booklet with a mind-bending narrative illustrated with four-color mixed-media drawings.

Die-cut slipcase
58 Pages
7.625 X 10
ISBN: 978-1-59711-020-4