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Steele-Perkins, Chris

Code 2305
ISBN: 9781903391136
Publisher: Westzone Publishing Ltd



Chris Steele-Perkins

Published by Westzone Publishing Limited, 2001

NEW Hardbound

Through 76 duotone photographs interspersed with the verse of Afghan poet Bahodine Majrouh and a few short, diarylike pieces written by photographer Steele-Perkins, readers are given an impressionistic glimpse of harsh contemporary life in Afghanistan. A freelance photographer for the Magnum Agency, Steele-Perkins constructs a vision of the ravages of the internecine strife among the disparate Afghan peoples and the destruction of the infrastructure of their daily lives. Based on Steele-Perkins's four sojourns in Afghanistan, this book presents an implied criticism of the Taliban but wisely eschews a polemic stance for who are the angels in a civil war? The stark photographs address destruction and mayhem on the one hand and daily life in the fields and cities on the other. The pictures are allowed to tell their own story, with thumbnail copies with captions tucked away at the rear of the work. Steele-Perkins's diary excerpts provide some context to the overall work and Majrouh's poetry further enhances the impressionistic tone of the work. Recommended for all public libraries. John F. Riddick, Central Michigan Univ. Lib., Mt. Pleasant

ISBN 1-903391-13-X