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Gossage, John

Code 2501
Signed by the photographer
ISBN: 9783923922772
Publisher: Nazraeli Press



by John Gossage

I photographed the places that government uses to preserve its past and, by implication, lay claim to its current power. This is, of course, exactly what Dr. Vogel photographed when he was sent by the Kaiser to Egypt to bring back pictures of a great and ancient civilization. Vogel’s technique was to go closer than had anyone before him (into the tombs by the light of magnesium flares or revolving mirrors) – whereas I was to push for greater distance. (Excerpt from The Code, 1987–1989, John Gossage, Washington, D.C., March 15, 1999)

But now I must conclude. It is late in the evening, and my “famous” is nearly extinguished. Our Arabian guard, two men armed with matchlock guns, is just arriving in order to protect us. . . When Dr. Dumichen the Egyptologist had taken quarters in the Temple of Edfuls, the inhabitants of the village made complaints to the “schech” that he had driven out the Afrit, who was now haunting the village. Then the inhabitants made complaints to the “mudir,” who decided that whoever should be tormented by the Afrit should come to him; he would give him a hundred lashes. From this moment nobody ever complained of the Afrit. (Excerpt from the letters of Hermann Vogel, Ph.D., Denderah, Egypt, September 26, 1868)

Limited edition of 1,000 copies.
9 x 12, 56 pages,
65 plates. ISBN 3-923922-77-9