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Interiors 1973 - 1974

Adams, Robert

Code 2502
Signed by the photographer
ISBN: 9781590050644
Publisher: Nazraeli Press


Interiors 1973–74

Robert Adams

Signed by the photographer

Please note this is a signed copy of the regular edition and not the signed and numbered clam shell ltd edition.

“Cyril Connolly wrote that ‘no city should be too large for a man [or woman] to walk out of in a morning.’ It is a sensible standard, though by it the Denver area in the 1970s was a disappointment. People had moved there to enjoy nature, but found that nature was mostly inaccessible except on weekends. Often little of it was even visible out the window. The puzzle became how to live inside. These rooms seemed to me then to be mostly sad, although what strikes me now is the evidence in them, however fragile, of caring.” – Robert Adams

Robert Adams recently came across a group of 24 pictures he made in Denver in the early 1970s. These photographs, which informed his later work, are published here for the first time. They offer new insight into the photographer’s way of seeing and thinking about the human condition, the profound influences of which are still being felt generations later. Interiors 1973-74 comprises 24 duotone plates printed on unbound sheets of heavy matt coated stock, presented in a cloth portfolio and limited to 1,000 copies.

Collated sheets in a custom-made cloth covered folder,
11 x 14, 28 pages,
24 duotone plates.
ISBN 1-59005-064-9