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McCartney, Linda

Code 2601
ISBN: 9780821221723
Publisher: Bulfinch


Linda McCartney's unassuming eye seems to capture the everyday in a not-so-everyday fashion. Having forged a fine career as a fashion and features photographer before becoming a part of rock 'n' roll history, her sense for stilled urgency comes across in these personal road movie recording[s], as she calls the images in this collection. Some photos bring the work of Robert Frank to mind--the quick blurred scene of two girls walking through an urban landscape, for example, and a hungry vagabond on a stretch of highway: these come across almost as homages to Frank--and not bad ones, at that. Though this whole book at times seems rather a hodgepodge, the narrative quality of each image holds its own. In both color and black-and-white, McCartney's images, which here span the globe and at least two decades, deserve the attention and study of today's younger generation of photographers. Of course, this book full of them will surely be popular on account of name recognition alone.