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Samaras, Lucas

Code 2627
ISBN: 9780893812416
Publisher: Aperture


The Greek-born Samaras is a photographer, painter, and sculptor who makes his eccentrically cluttered Manhattan apartment the backdrop and subject of his flamboyant nude self-portraits and nude portraits of friends. Most of the images (well-reproduced here) are Polaroids that he began using in the 1960s, first in grid arrangements of small pictures, then as cut-and-assembled photographs, often with manipulated emulsions. His later work employs 20 x 24 film. Essayist Ben Lifson, the former Village Voice critic, traces the evolution of Samaras's expression and introduces each distinct stage of the artist's work. With a chronology and bibliography of books, exhibit catalogs, and articles. Art making is an organic, dangerous thing. --Lucas Samaras