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Witness #5

Mills, Joseph

Code 2749
ISBN: 9781590052358
Publisher: Nazraeli Press


Joseph Mills is the subject and guest-editor of Witness Number 5, the successful artist-edited series published by JGS, Inc and distributed by Nazraeli Press.

For his contribution to the Witness series ? in which one artist is selected for each volume to present their own work as well as work by other artists ? Mills presents his vintage street photographs, culminating in a special selection of his famed ?Inner City? work with an accompanying essay by Paul Roth. Witness Number 5 closes with a presentation of work Mary Del Popolo (?Self?) and Norman Carr (?Schizopolis?). Designed from cover to cover by Joseph Mills, and featuring full-bleeds and an extended gatefold, this is a jaw-dropping volume that has to be seen to be believed. "On one level these are documentary photographs, depicting the capital city of the United States, downtown Washington, D.C., in a period of decline between 1982 and 1989. But they are more than that. The restless streets seem envisioned rather than recorded; emblematic of a psychic state more than of a specific place or historical moment. Mills? Inner City is empathic in nature, suffused with the hope and desperation radiating from the people whose lives pass before his lens." ? Paul Roth

9 1/2 x 12,
84 pages, 60 four-color plates
ISBN: 1-59005-235-8