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Pilgrims: Becoming the path itself

Herzog, Lena

Code 2831
ISBN: 9781902699431
Publisher: Periplus


Two major events in the Buddhist world occurred in 2002. In January, the small village of Bodhgaya in Bihar, India, was chosen by the Dalai Lama as the site for the highly important Kalachakra Initiation ceremony. Some half-million pilgrims made their way there by any means possible. In May, at the holy Mount Kailash in Tibet, the celebration of the Buddha's birth and death was particularly auspicious in this Year of the Horse, and the usual trickle of pilgrims swelled to tens of thousands. Photographer Lena Herzog, wife of film director Werner Herzog, presents this evocative album of 146 color images of the holy and the penitent.

Author Lena Herzog, photog. Werner Herzog, intro.
Publisher Periplus Editions
Format hardcover
ISBN 9781902699431
Pages/Publication Date 178/2002