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Outside In

Gill, Stephen

Code 3034
ISBN: 9780000000002
Publisher: 0


Signed by the PhotographerEdition of 1250 PublishedOutside In, a series steered and guided by the physical place itself, literally scooping up bits of Brighton and dropping parts of it into his camera. Gill employs finds such as seaweed, local plant life, a false eyelash, a jelly bear, fish tails, etc discovered on his walks around the city, creating surreal montages. Insects crawl across the film emulsion like creatures caught in amber. The objects introduced to the camera chamber are integral to the photographs then produced, rather than being merely superimposed, their place in the composition occurring entirely at random and establishing both harmony and conflict.Hard back 205 mm x 165 mm portrait 64 pages, full colour in 2010 Published by Archive of Modern Conflict and Photoworks