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OPB#99 Face

Sawada, Tomoko

Code 3458
Signed by the photographer
ISBN: 9781590054734
Publisher: Nazraeli Press


Signed by the photographer, limited to 500 copies

One of the most recognizable artists of her generation, Tomoko Sawada is a Japanese contemporary feminist photographer and performance artist. For this contribution to our One Picture Book series, Sawada presents twelve self-portraits, each one showing her made up as a different ethnicity and cultural background.

As playful as it appears to be, Sawada’s work has a very serious underlying message. In her own words, “All people—despite having different types of so-called “added values” such as nationality, race, religion, and language—are essentially and naturally equal human beings. This fundamental underlies my photographic work: I aim to point people euphemistically to the fact that humans share 99.99999% of the same genes.”

ISBN: 978-1-59005-473-4
Hardcover, 185 x 140mm,
16 pages, 12 four-colour plates,
1 signed original photograph by Tomoko Sawada