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One Sunday in Beijing (Yellowcover)

Kenna, Michael

Code 3508
ISBN: 9791091406611
Publisher: Editions Besard


Limited to just xx copies

Contains a small colour c-type print approx, 18cm x 20cm
With a lenticular colour images that changes from colour to Black and white.

Tinged with a spirituality that is at the same time gentle and powerful, his images paint a picture of a sacred land where the signs of the human condition are a set of structures that offer mysterious, yet soothing, views. Speaking beings may seem absent from the space of contemplation, but let us make no mistake, [there is] every sound of invisible presences and of words unspoken. The abstract scenes which the British photographer loves to create are invitations to meditate on the dual nature of our appearance in the general order of animal species,

size approx 28cm x 30cm
approx 66 bw images