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Otari - Pristine Peaks

Nomura, keito

Code 3569
ISBN: 9784908512285
Publisher: Super Labo
Hard cover


Otari-Pristine Peaks Mountain Spirit Garden
A world of white silver that extends to the bottom of the eye. A shot of a gunshot to the snowy mountains tore the silence.
At that moment, my soul was shaking with the spirit of the mountain and I felt like it was flying in the sky.
Shinshu, Odani village. In the foot of a mountain range in the Northern Alps, small settlements are dotted, leaving their activities still quiet. Villagers live daily in the harsh and abundant nature of the mountains and the flow of seasons. Nearly four years have passed since I first visited this place of heavy snow, where the snowfall is nearly three meters in the middle of winter. At first, I visited here for coverage of traditional fire festivals and hunting, but my encounter with the nature of the mountain and the people who live in it firmly depends on the city, and my imagination has lived much It was over.
His work seemed to be clean and hidden deep. "The blessing of the mountains," they say. It is awe of the nature of the mountains, revered, and confronting the wild and obscenes that appear in front of you. When you are in a deep mountain, there are times when you feel as if your ugly being is wrapped in a big pocket. It is like a huge living entity with a will beyond wisdom and breathing constantly. Mountains produce water and nurture all life. In that cage, we live and work with our family and friends and connect life. If you look up, the top of the eternal sky and the heaven are nearby. In the four seasons I visited, I stayed with them for a while, and I released the shutter as perceived by instinct.

w21 x h24 cm
96 Pages 58 Images (Colors)
Color Offset Printing
Limited 1000 copies
Published in 2018
ISBN 978-4-908512-28-5