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My Friend from Memphis

Foote, Hugh

Code 2829
ISBN: 9781861541963
Publisher: 0


Situated at the crossroads of two great Southern artistic traditions?he is the son of novelist and historian Shelby Foote and a prot‚g‚ of Memphis photography pioneer William Eggleston?Huger Foote manages to create a vision of his world that is at once grounded in fact yet glows with a sense of the mythic. Fans of Eggleston's "democratic" color photography, in which all things are worth looking at, will be right at home with Foote's 88 images here of shop displays, signage, decayed structures, flowering weeds, old motels, and clutter. But Foote looks past imposed values to focus on unexpected interplays?and at times riotous collisions?of color and meaning. Many of Foote's compositions incorporate windows, reflections, or obscured figures, and his use of selective focus and saturated colors make reality seem like a movie about itself.

Author Huger Foote, photog. William Eggleston, intro. Susan Minot, afterword.
Publisher Booth-Clibborn
Format hardcover
ISBN 9781861541963
Pages/Publication Date 194/2000