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Covid-19 Update

It is business as usual with just a couple of changes

Following the current global health crisis and the ongoing legaslative precautions to lessen the spread of this virus, we are making a few changes to the way we ship our books. To maximise our own safety and to minimalise contact with the outside world we will, for the forseeable future, only ship books on a Tuesday and a Thursday. The cut off will by 9am on those days to meet collection cut offs. You can of course order at anytime but your order will be held over until the next shipping day. Phototitles is a small family run online business, we have no retail units and no visiting members of the public, with stock being held at a secure private location. We would like to reassure our customers that we are doing everything we can to avoid personal contact outside of the family unit and engage in social distancing on the few occasions that we have to go out.

New titles in stock

We have sourced two special edition copies of the 2019 edition of House Hunting by Todd Hido which rapidly went out of print, these are signed and slipcased, we also have copies of the regular edition in stock. Just arrived are Signed copies of Teju Cole's new book "Fernweh" , Cole found a distinctly new way to look at a country that has been the quintessence of tourist experience for almost two centuries. Fernweh muses on the German word for a longing to be elsewhere. We also have signed copies of Guido Guidi's "Lunario, 1965-1999" we are hoping to receive signed copies of the new Books by Stephen Shore and Jason Fulford but in the current climate we are not sure if and when these will arrive.

The latest books in the One Picture Book Two series, with books by Mark Steinmetz, Kenro Izu, Manjari Sharma, and Toshio Shibata, each of these books are limited to just 500 numbered copies and contain a 5" x 7" print signed on the verso. If you purchase as a complete set of four books each set has its own slipcase.

We have also received the last few copies of Jungjin Lee's beatiful accordion bound book "Opening" which as quickly become out of print and sourced copies of the slipcased Araki book "Blue Period/Last Summer"

Hido, Todd - House Hunting (New Special Ed 2019)

Hido, Todd - House Hunting (New Ed 2019)

Guidi, Guido - Lunario

Cole, Teju - Fernwah (Signed)

Shibata, Toshio - (OPB2 013) Toshio Shibata - Gas Stations

Sharma, Manjari - (OPB2 014) - Manjari Sharma - Darshan

Izu, Kenro - (OPB2 015) Kenro Izu - Reqiuim

Steinmetz, Mark - (OPB2 016) Mark Steinmatz - Cats

Shibata/Izu/Steinmetz/Sharma - (OPB2 SET4) COMPLETE #13-16 Shibata/Izu/Steinmetz/Sharma

Lee, Jungjin - Opening

Araki, Nobuyoshi - Blue Period/Last Summer

A Selection of other titles,

Johansson, Gerry - American Winter

Winship, Vanessa - And Time Folds

Soth, Alec - Niagara (2018)

Banning, Jan - Red Utopia

Maisel, Jay - New York in the 50's

Hido, Todd - Bright Black World

Kenna, Michael - (OPB2 001) Michael Kenna - DMZ

Hahn, Betty - (OPB2 002) Betty Hahn - Lone Ranger

Mendoza, Tony - (OPB2 004) Tony Mendozza - Floridadogs

Rothman, Richard - Redwood Saw

Starkey, Hannah - Photographs 1977 - 2017

Ruwedei, Banning, Mulno, Callis - (OPB2 SET2) COMPLETE #5-8 Ruwedei, Banning, Mulno, Callis

Ruwedel, Mark - (OPB2 005) Mark Ruwedel - Studio E.R.

Callis, Jo Ann - (OPB2 006) Jo Ann Callis - Cheap Thrills

Mulno, Michael - (OPB2 007) Michael Mulno - Residential Variations

Banning, Jan - (OPB2 008) Jan Banning - The Sweating Subject

Borissova, Julia - Lullaby for a bride

Borissova, Julia - Red Giselle

Borissova, Julia - JB About men floating in the air

Borissova, Julia - Let me Fall Again

Parr, Martin - Oxford

Kenna, Michael - Rafu

Borissova, Julia - Nautilus

Soth, Alec - (Signed) I know how furiously your heart is beating

Soth, Alec - (Ltd Ed) I know how furiously your heart is beating

Soth, Alec - LTD ED + Prints Set 3 book - Mississippi - Niagara - I know how Furionsly

Nomura, keito - Otari - Pristine Peaks

Cohen, Mark - Bread in Snow

Moriyama, Daido - Akai Kutsu Volume 1

Moriyama, Daido - Akai Kutsu Volume 2

Gill, Stephen - The Pillar

Moriyama, Daido - Tono 2014

Moriyama, Daido - Record No.38

Moriyama, Daido - Record No.39

Moriyama, Daido - Record No.40

Moriyama, Daido - Record

Gruyaert, Harry - Edges

Press, World - World Press Awards 2019

Sultan, Larry - Pictures from Home

Homma, Takashi - Trials

Pape, Adam - Dyckman Haze

Ruwedel, Mark - Ourzazate

Daniels, Maja - Elf Dalia

Majoli, Alex - Scene

Ming, Jerome - Oobanken

Teemer, Steinmetz - Morell - Opie - Grannan - Banks - - Nazraeli Library set 4

Banks, Steve - Nitro: Drag Racing in the 60s

Grannan, Katy - Hundreds of Sparrows: volume 2

Morell, Abelardo - Tent Camera

Opie, Catherine - Yosemite

Steinmetz, Mark - Angel City West, vol 3

Teemer, Jack - Rust Belt

Chetrit, Talia - Showcaller