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Covid-19 Update

It is business as usual with just a couple of changes

As the country comes out of lockdown, we are returning to shipping orders Monday to Thursdays, however cut off times on those days remains at 9am to meet collection deadlines. You can of course order at any time, but your order will be held over until the next shipping day.

Phototitles is a small family run online business, we have no retail units and no visiting members of the public, with stock being held at a secure private location. We would like to reassure our customers that we are abiding by current social distancing legislation.

New titles in stock and coming soon

It has been four months since the last newsletter, I figured everyone has more important thing to worry about. I have spent time in the stock room and have photographed most of the signatures for my signed stock to add to the website, but please bear in mind the signature in the book received may differ from the image shown as some titles I have multiple signed copies.

Shore, Stephen - Transparancies (Signed)

Fulford, Jason - Picture Summer on Kodak Film (Signed)

Graham, Paul - A1 - The Great New Road

Sanguinetti, Alessandra - The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and The Illusion of an Everlasting Summer

We have recently received signed copies of Jason Fulford's - Picture Summer on Kodak Film and last week we received Signed copies of Stephen Shores new book Transparencies, beautifully published by Mack it contains 35mm images taken on his Leica as he travel across America between 1971-79 with his large format camera as he recorded his vision of the American Landscapes that was published as Uncommon Places. Because of Covid-19 and the worldwide travel restrictions and to protect their photographers and authors the publishers Mack have come up with an intuitive way to offer signed copies of their books. Their signed editions will contain a small photograph tipped into the rear cover of the book which has been signed by the photographer, Shore's Transparencies is the first of these books and has sold out at the publishers, luckily I had placed an advance order.

I am pleased to announce four more books from Mack due to be published in August and September, I am now taking advanced orders for signed copies as numbers are very limited and like Shores book mentioned above are likely to sell out before they actually arrive at the publisher, so I advise you to place an advance order if you want a signed copy.

The first of these books is the long overdue reprint of Paul Graham's first book, A1 - The great North Road. Despite the UK having a vibrant photographic scene at the time, there were only handful of monographic books - Chris Killip and Martin Parr had one each - and no dedicated publishers or distributors. Graham had to self-publish A1, but as the first colour book, it had a startling impact on British photography. Uniting the tradition of social documentary with the fresh approach of new colour, A1 - The Great North Road was transformative on photography in the UK and paved the way for a new generation of British colour photographers to emerge, from Nick Waplington to Anna Fox, Richard Billingham to Tom Wood. This important from 1983 is highly sought after with original copies priced between £300 and £3000, I expect all copies of this new Mack edition to sell out quickly signed and unsigned. Signed copies of A1 will have a signed colour photograph tipped inside the rear cover.

We are also looking forward to receiving Alessandra Sanguinetti’s The Illusion of An Everlasting Summer. Samguinetti returned to rural Argentina to continue her intimate collaboration with Belinda and Guillermina, two cousins who, as girls, were the subjects of the first book in her ongoing series, The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of Their Dreams.  In this second volume, we follow Guillermina and Belinda from ages 14 to 24 as they negotiate the fluid territory between adolescence and young adulthood. Still surrounded by the animals and rural settings of their childhood, Everlasting Summer depicts the two cousins’ everyday lives as they experience young love, pregnancy, and motherhood - all of which, perhaps inevitably, results in an ever-increasing independence from their families and each other. Signed copies will have A signed colour photographed tipped inside the rear cover.

Tra l'altro 1976-81- Selected from Guido Guidi's archive by Marcello Galvani, this book presents 94 colour photographs made with small-format cameras between 1976 and 1981. Mostly unpublished, these images form an ideal link between two phases of Guidi's work that are already well known. After the irreverent black and white snapshots of the early 1970s, this series marks Guidi's progressive shift toward the colour work he began to investigate in the early 1980s with a large format 8x10 camera. The signed edition includes a slip signed by the artist and bound into the inside back cover.

Soth, Alec - Sleeping by the Mississippi (Mack)

Soth, Alec - Sleeping by the Mississippi (Mack)

Guidi, Guido - Tra l'altro, 1976-81

Adams, Robert - The Place We Live

Sleeping by the Mississippi needs no introduction as it was one of the defining books of the photobook era with the original Steidl edition going to 3 printings, more than 15 years later this new revised Mack edition with two additional images has now gone to a second printing. There will be signed copies of this new printing available with a signed colour photograph tipped inside the rear cover. I still have a couple of signed copies of the first Mack edition available.

I have also sourced a couple of copies of Robert Adams hefty 3 volume set weighs in at nearly 6kg. The Way We Live traces Adams' deep engagement with the geography of the American West, weaving together various aspects of over four decades of work into a cohesive, epic narrative of the American experience. Taken as a whole, this publication elucidates the photographer's civic goals: to consider the privilege of the place we were given and the obligations of citizenship. Printed with an unprecedented fidelity to the photographer's original prints. These sets are new and offered at a considerable reduction of the publishers’ original price.

Kenna, Michael - (OPB2 017) Michael Kenna - Notre Dame de Paris

Gibson, David H - (OPB2 018) David H Gibson - A Walk Through A Bamboo Grove

Malley, Alia - (OPB2 019) Alia Malley - Captains of the Dead Sea

Hido, Todd - (OPB2 020) Todd Hido - Untitled #11856-0820

Finally in late August we will receive the fifth set of books in the Nazraeli Press One Picture Book 2 Series, each book is limited to 500 numbered copies and contains a signed print approx.. 5 x 7. The OPB2 series is building into a substantial collection of photobooks from some of the great and up and coming photographers of our time. With about two sets a year if anyone would still like to commit to subscribing to this series email me to discuss cost and availability. The new books are Notre Dam de Paris by Michael Kenna,  Untitled #11856-0820 by Tod Hido, A Walk Through a Bamboo Grove by David H. Gibson and Captains of the Dead Sea by Alia Malley. Again these titles sell out quickly so advanced orders are required.

Previous One Picture Book Two

Kenna, Michael - (OPB2 001) Michael Kenna - DMZ

Hahn, Betty - (OPB2 002) Betty Hahn - Lone Ranger

Weems, Carrie Mae - (OPB2 003) Carrie Mae Weems - Monument

Mendoza, Tony - (OPB2 004) Tony Mendozza - Floridadogs

Ruwedel, Mark - (OPB2 005) Mark Ruwedel - Studio E.R.

Callis, Jo Ann - (OPB2 006) Jo Ann Callis - Cheap Thrills

Mulno, Michael - (OPB2 007) Michael Mulno - Residential Variations

Banning, Jan - (OPB2 008) Jan Banning - The Sweating Subject

Zadeh, Susan A - (OPB2 009) Susan A Zadeh - I

Moriyama, Daido - (OPB2 010) - Daido Moriyama - Daido Moto

Borensztein, Leon - (OPB2 011) - Leon Borensztein - tata

Simmons, Laurie - (OPB2 012) - Laurie Simmons- Instant Decorator

Shibata, Toshio - (OPB2 013) Toshio Shibata - Gas Stations

Sharma, Manjari - (OPB2 014) - Manjari Sharma - Darshan

Izu, Kenro - (OPB2 015) Kenro Izu - Reqiuim

Steinmetz, Mark - (OPB2 016) Mark Steinmatz - Cats

A Selection of Other Popular Titles,

Soth, Alec - LTD ED + Prints Set 3 book - Mississippi - Niagara - I know how Furionsly

Soth, Alec - (Ltd Ed) I know how furiously your heart is beating

Soth, Alec - Niagara (Special Ed. 2018)

Soth, Alec - Sleeping by the Mississippi (Ltd Edition)

Soth, Alec - (Signed) I know how furiously your heart is beating

Soth, Alec - Niagara (2018)

Hido, Todd - House Hunting (New Special Ed 2019)

Hido, Todd - House Hunting (New Ed 2019)

Hido, Todd - Bright Black World

Guidi, Guido - Lunario

Cole, Teju - Fernwah (Signed)

Lee, Jungjin - Opening

Araki, Nobuyoshi - Blue Period/Last Summer

Johansson, Gerry - American Winter

Winship, Vanessa - And Time Folds

Banning, Jan - Red Utopia

Maisel, Jay - New York in the 50's

Rothman, Richard - Redwood Saw

Starkey, Hannah - Photographs 1977 - 2017

Parr, Martin - Oxford

Kenna, Michael - Rafu

Nomura, keito - Otari - Pristine Peaks

Cohen, Mark - Bread in Snow

Moriyama, Daido - Akai Kutsu Volume 1

Gill, Stephen - The Pillar

Moriyama, Daido - Record No.38

Moriyama, Daido - Record No.39

Moriyama, Daido - Record No.40

Moriyama, Daido - Record

Gruyaert, Harry - Edges

Press, World - World Press Awards 2019

Homma, Takashi - Trials

Pape, Adam - Dyckman Haze

Ruwedel, Mark - Ourzazate

Ming, Jerome - Oobanken

Chetrit, Talia - Showcaller